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    Default CN's latest review on tripadvisor... titled "mediocre"...???

    I'm very surprised !!! Shocked!.... How could someone who stayed in the same room as us "7302" have such a different opinion and overall experience at this resort. Wow...
    We stayed in room "7302" also, last month, and both my husband and I have commented to each other many times how much we loved the room!...Sure it wasn't all marble and glitz, but it was without a doubt, one of the most cheerful, clean, comfortable rooms we have ever stayed in. And the view was fabulous!.......I'm still shaking my head.... We LOVED CN's room, beach, food and service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have been to CN 3 times and going for a 4th in Oct even though I was just there in Feb. I think that some of these people have not been to Jamaica before. If you have only been to Mexico you are used to marble bathrooms with fancy fixtures. Whether I am in Mexico or Jamaica, I spend maybe 60 minutes per day in my room other when I am sleeping. As long as the room is clean and serviced every day what is the big deal? I don't go 2000 miles from home to a tropical paradise to sit in my room. Those fancy bathroom fixtures in Mexico have sure come in handy however. They were nice to have while spending many times per day in the bathroom with Montezuma's revenge. One of the things that I love about Jamaica are that I get no stomach issues whatsoever. I'll take that over a fancy bathroom any day!!

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