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    Default 48 hours left !!!

    I hate to take up valuable message board space... but i just can't take it...

    As i'm typing this, it's 745am Thursday morning 6/6/13, sitting at work behind my computer, instead of out fixing machinery or instructing my crew what their next assignment is, OBVIOUSLY NOT THINKING ABOUT WORK!!!

    Tomorrow evening my Gorgeous Fiance' and I are getting married in front of the pond at my dad's house around sun set, have a few drinks with the few family that will be there, then a short anticipating night, and leave the house at 3am Saturday morning to get to St. Louis (Lambert) International Airport, departure at 6am. Montego Bay by 1240pm !!!

    Not months or weeks, not even days... we're down to counting HOURS!!! (OK so technically that's 2 days, but whatever)

    This has been a long time in waiting, We've been engaged for 2 years now (wish i could remember the exact date, but hey, i'm a guy, it was in June though, lol.) We've both got children from previous marriages, and 1 together = 4 total (10yr, 7yr, 6yr, and 14month)
    We've done everything completely Bass Ackwards, but probably fairly typical for a combined family.
    We met at my sons Christmas play at the school gym (yes, instead of a grimmy bar), dated a bit, got more serious and steady, introduced the kids to each other, all moved in together, bought a motorcycle together, got engaged, got pregnant, bought a house, got a dog, had a baby and now, we're finally getting married after 2 1/2 yrs !!!!

    I figure by the time this posts we'll be there already, so I won't get to read anything until we're back

    So sorry for the explanation of our lives together, i just can't concentrate on work right now, and just need to express my excitement to someone... so i figured i would do it here.

    Can't wait to meet new friends, and hopefully become repeaters !!! We'll see you (who ever YOU are), VERY soon!

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    Congratulations on everything! How was the trip to CN? This will be our first time to CN, and our 3rd time to Jamaica. My husband and I will there In 14 days. We are so excited!

    One Love!

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