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    Hello all!

    I am new to this board and to the whole AI thing. My hubby and I have done two cruises and we have decided that for our 10th anniversary we wanted something different. We are currently looking at S and Couples to decide which one we want. CSA was recommended by a friend of ours, but I am also interested in CSS. Can you please tell me about each?

    Both of us are in our 30's and want a nice, beautiful beach, with plenty of water sports. We love to tube and knee board. Also, we want plenty quiet time and romance as well.

    Please help!

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    Been to css, married at csa and have been there 5 times . Wont go anywhere else now. Csa has more restaurant choices, an awesome sports complex and did I mention the best beach on Jamaica? If you'd like a few pics, email me at

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    We have been to both CSA and CSS. You really can't go wrong with either.

    There are a few differences between Couples and S. The main thing being that at Couples, there are no second class citizens. In other words, even if you book the least expensive room category, you will not be treated any differently than the person who booked the most expensive room category (no butlers, no preferred restaurant reservations, etc.).

    As far as comparing CSA and CSS: if you want a beautiful long beach where you can stroll hand in hand for MILES, choose CSA. If you want a private beach (no outside vendors) choose CSS. While the CSS beach is much smaller than CSA, it's still beautiful. CSA has more restaurants than CSS if that is important to you, but CSS has all day room service (CSA only has room service for continental breakfast). The sports complex at CSA is much larger than CSS, but the fitness room at CSS is air conditioned and the one at CSA is open air. Both facilities have lots of included water activities (water skiing, snorkeling, scuba, hobie cats), CSA has the included catamaran while CSS does not. I have not seen tubes or knee boards at either resort. CSS is also built into a hillside (think lots of hidden nooks and crannies), and CSA is larger and flat. One thing that CSS has that I miss at CSA is a massage hut hanging over the cliff! There is nothing like getting a massage with the ocean breeze blowing and listening to the waves crash below. Sheer heaven.

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    "Both of us are in our 30's and want a nice, beautiful beach, with plenty of water sports. "

    That about answers your question - CSA has the beach, CSS does not. In choosing between Couples and any other AI, the answer is Couples. The "S" chain is not a true all-inclusive. There are extra charges, wrist bands, and tips. Those do not exist at any of the Couples resorts.
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    We've been to both (and CTI). While we loved all of them, CSA is the best (of those 3) for the beach and water sports. The sand is nicer and the water generally calmer in Negril than on the North coast. CSS is in a protected bay, but it is very shallow.

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    We went to CSA at the end of April. It was amazing! I don't know if I would ever be that happy with another beach. We had intentions of doing an offsite excursion, but didn't want to leave the resort.

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