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    Default Waterproof Camera

    So we bought a waterproof camera last year before heading to CSS. This year we are returning in 25 days and are living with my in-laws waiting on our house to get finished with construction. We thought we left out our camera but apparently we didn't =( anyone know a inexpensive one or if the "disposable" underwater camera are good?

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    Do some research and get a decent digital camera, then get a water proof case like i did. this is the one i bought. tested in my pool before going to jamaica. works well, several models to fit different cameras. Digital waterproof case company | Dicapac

    Disposables are ok, not the same quality, would use one to go scuba diving and not the digital due to pressure. check out digitals at bestbuy and find one you like. then find it cheaper at sams or online! good luck

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