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    Default Fire or no fire...we're still headed to CN!

    We live in Colorado Springs and are currently under pre-evacuation orders for the fire in the Black Forest. The fire is about 5 miles east of our home. Many of our friends have already evacuated. One good friend's house could be a total loss. We're packing up a few things so we can bug out quickly. Our tapestry from CN is one of the few treasured items that will go with us, if we have to go. Kids are packed and ready to leave. Dogs are clueless.

    And, regardless of what happens, we will still be at CN in July!!! I'm even wondering if I should pack a separate suitcase with my swimsuits and sundresses. Those would be hard to do without next month. Worse case, we camp out permanently at the au naturale beach.

    Please send a few prayers our way. A rain dance would also be appreciated.

    Matt & Kristen

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    Good Luck Matt & Kristen!!!!! Hope you're all safe & the fires are out SOON!!!!!

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    my prayers are with you and everyone else out there

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    Thoughts and a rain dance coming your way! I'm originally from so cal and know a thing or two about beig evacuated from wildfires. I hope you stay safe and return to a fully intact house!

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    Have a great trip! I'm sure it will be nice to unwind after the, I'm sure, stressful time right now! We live in Illinois and can't seem to get a break from the rain... I'll do a rain dance and send it your way We are getting married at CN in November and would love to hear about your vacation when you get back


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    So sorry to hear, MnK! We live in Westminster, Colorado and are headed to CSA in July. It breaks my heart that Colorado is enduring another summer of this. I thought for sure, after the wet spring we had, that we wouldn't have to deal with this again this summer! Praying for your family and for better weather!! I'm sure your trip in July will be a much needed break, no matter what happens!

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    We have family that live in Colorado Springs, but not currently threatened. All you can do is evacuate if they tell you too and hope for the best. Keep safe and know that we are trying to send the rain from the north east your way... we have flash flood warnings....

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    Hi Matt and Kristen-
    I am up in Denver and we just got back from our first trip to CTI...Our prayers are going out to you and all of those being affected in the Fire Area! You will definitely need that trip in July after what you all are going through! Thoughts and Prayers be with you and wishes for an enjoyable trip next month.

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    Hey guys I've been watching the news about this fire. It's hard to get your head around so much destruction. I sure hope the fire takes another course, or better still, is brought under control.

    I'm glad you have your priorities straight. CN will do you a world of good no matter how things turn out.

    Good luck.


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    Hope you guys are OK. We live in Evergreen and got evacuated last week. The fire was less than a mile from our house and it was windy.Luckily they got it put out. sending Prayers your way.Art & Pat

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    Matt and Kristen! Sending you prayers and hopes of rain as requested! Be safe and enjoy your trip to CN!

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    we are hoping you are back home now. we live between Kiowa and Elbert and had our kid, pets, dive gear and passports, ready to go in case it headed our way. glad to see some progress being made. we are headed to CSA july 2nd. Have a wonderful trip!

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    Hope everything is ok with your home and you were able to get back in this weekend. Hoping you have a wonderful trip and all stays safe back home. We had an awesome time on our engagement trip to CN this May and know you'll have a blast!
    -Mike and Ashley in Castle Rock

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    Any updates? I hope your house was spared!

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    Hey Kristen,

    We really need to make plans for all of us to be at CN together again. I haven't seen a post in a few days, keeping my fingers crossed that all is good.

    I am very jealous, we are not headed home this year until September and we are going to try out CSA. I am trying to figure out how I can fit a trip to CN into the schedule for at least a few days, maybe April.

    If I were you I would have a bag packed with sundresses and bathing suits just in case. Here would be my list -

    Jamaica docs, passports, clothes
    anything else.
    Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. If they get mad, you will be a mile away and they will be barefoot!

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