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    Default Difference between CSA and CN

    I was just reading the board and people were talking about CSA vs CN all saying they truly enjoyed one over the other but never listing any reason. Can someone who has been to both please give me some insight? Headed to CSA in September and have stated at CN and CTI in the past. Thanks Julie

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    For us, CSA wins due to:

    - great sports complex and guest instructors
    - long beach for walking
    - all rooms have large terraces
    - rooms are in villa type buildings and you can book a true beachfront room
    - more dining options including an ala carte breakfast
    - better (IMO and IME) nightlife
    - open air martini bar
    - open air Lemongrass
    - more expansive grounds
    - better spa

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    We love them both. We have been to all 4 of the JA resorts. CSA was our first so we it will always hold a sweet spot in our hearts. Our most recent trip was to CN. We loved it. CSA and CN both have a great beach. CN is more compact while CSA is more wide spread. Food at both are great. Swim-up bars both are nice but CN is bigger. CN has AN while CSA does not. Not sure if that helps or not but...

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    CSA has a glorious beach and you can stroll for miles and miles in each direction. It is set in extensive beautiful grounds and is a very substantial estate. CSA also has a magnificent sports complex with a great gym, lots of tennis courts and other facilities. There is wide variety of accommodation types, with different vibes so yoi can find the one for you. The accommodation has a slightly rustic Jamaican vibe going on. I guess these are the main features that make it stand out from CN.

    CN has a huge iconic pool with a very attractive swim up bar. A lot of the sitting out happens around the pool and it has a great thing going with this. The beach is fine and much deeper than CSA, so has a quite different feel. You can stroll along the beach for a way. The property seems to me like it is set in a horseshoe around the pool, with charming gardens. It has a more intimate tone than CSA and is smaller. CN also has a nudist beach that appeals to many: it doesn't get in your way if it doesn't appeal though. I guess these are the main features make it stand out from CSA.

    Both are delightful vacation places, with friendly staff and excellent food, so I guess it is horses for courses!

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    We've been to CTI twice, SN twice, and are headed back to CSA next week for our 2nd trip. I love all 3, but here is what I see as the big difference between CN and CSA"

    CSA is more spreadout, whereas CN feels "compacted" by comparison. The benefit is that even when the resort is at full capacity, it doesn't feel crowded.

    CN beach is wider, leaves more room to spreadout, but can also mean you're further from the water (granted it's measured in feet not yards), CSA the chairs / people all seem to end up in just about a single file line so everyone is 3 feet from the water.

    The rooms at CSA are more private / remote / tropical - CN has more hotel style blocks of room, where as CSA (at least the older section) have small blocks of rooms, with only 4 rooms per block.

    CN - small patios / balconys vs. CSA's HUGE verandahs. - mind you I'm only comparing the Atrium Suites, can't compare the new side.

    CN - swim-up bar is centrally located, and the hub of activities, CSA swim-up bar is off to the side and much smaller.

    CN has an Au Naturel beach,CSA does not.

    These are just some of the differences, none make either resort any better or worse than the other. We personally find CSA to be more romantic, and more peaceful, and relaxing, but we have had great trips to each of the resorts, and would never say we wouldn't go back to any one of them.

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    We love them both, and after much debate have decided we will go twice a year and stay one week at each. We love the room directly on the beach at Swept Away, Seagrapes for lunch and I love the Tiki Beach Bar.

    We love CN since it was our first, the compactness of CN and the Piano Bar better at CN. To us CN is more intimate and the Garden Deluxe room fits us fine.

    I like walking the beach better at CN, my wife likes walking it better at Swept Away. This year in October we are going to hit Swept Away for 6 night, and then go directly to CN for 7 nights. Next year, CN in February and Swept Away in October. Life is good mon!

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    Cn if you want the hotel feel. CSA if you like a better beach. CN if you want a smaller resort. CSA if you like it spread out. CSA by far if you work out a lot or play tennis. CN if you prefer nude beach.

    We prefer CSA.

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