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    Default Friday Night Beach Party at CSA

    Please tell me all about the beach party at CSA! Do you recommend it? Is there dinner food or should we plan to eat dinner ahead of time? I'm guessing there might be entertainment? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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    There is more food than you can shake a stick at. You won't want to eat ahead of time IMO. It was a huge production for the staff to get things set up during the day and we watched it throughout the day. We had good weather and they were able to set it up outside.

    If you check out the link below, you will see some of the setup photos that I took before the party got underway. They should be up at the top.

    CSA Dec 2012 - a set on Flickr

    There is entertainment but we went back to our room to pack so I can't address that. We did hear it. I bet it was great fun.

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    Don't eat all day long! There is so much food and such a variety that you'll leave stuffed and happy.
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    The beach party is an enormous buffet meal. There is all sorts of entertainment - fire dancers, bands. Be sure to check out the coffee drinks table for an after dinner treat.

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    Dinner is served on the beach at food stations buffet style. Lots and lots of food! They have an improvised bar there and servers will take drink orders. Large round tables are set up for guests to sit and eat at while performers entertain you on a stage. At CSA they do a shipwreck pirates themed variety show. Most restaurants are closed this day. You should enjoy the evening as it is lots of fun.

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    The beach party is well worth going to. They have a HUGE buffet-style meal with several different "stations". So come hungry! You eat on the beach, of course. Dinner is followed by entertainment - dancers, etc. Very cool!

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