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    Default CSA food questions

    Do they still have the snapper sandwich at the Cabana Grill?

    Also, where do you go for nacho bar - is it Sea Grapes or Cabana Grill?

    Thanks in advance!

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    They had the snapper sandwiches back in April at the Cabana Grill. Seagrape Café has the sweet potato chips and dip and the Cabana Grill has the nachos with cheese sauce. They also now have a soft ice cream machine at both these locations. Keep an eye out for fresh coconuts at Seagrapes to drink the coconut water from and maybe walk it over to a bar and have them add some rum. Don't forget the fish tacos at Seagrapes as well.

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    SeaGrapes has the awesome sweet potato chips, and the grilled snapper fish tacos. Cabana grill has the fish sandwich (or chicken, or burger). Nachos is the cabana.

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    Thanks to you both! I think we'd looked at the menu for Cabana Grill and didn't see the snapper sandwich, which was a FAVE of ours!

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