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    Default Try Elkie's creation at CN "1962"

    Hubby and I just returned from our first trip to CN ( wont be our last! ) find Elkie at the pool bar or heliconia bar and have her make you a 1962!!! its the drink she invented! naming it for the year Jamaica got her independence! have a great time and give her a hug and a ya mon from us.

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    Cool! What's in it?

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    What is in the "1962"?

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    40 days and we will be home! Elkie is our favorite staff member and I can not wait to try her drink and hear her screaming what can I get you boss! Love her

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    Love Elkie's 1962! One my most favorite drinks at CN.

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    I'm not sure what is in the 1962. ( other than rum )!!!! maybe she'll give you the recipie! all I know is that once my husband had one, its all he would drink for the rest of the trip! I personally enjoyed the Miami vice and the hummingbird!

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    We love Elkie - she is the best. I will have to ask her next April what a 1962 is - let's see 314 days to go.

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