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    Default Which is livelier CTI or CSS

    Hi All,
    Having visited CSA and CN I would like to try either CSS or CTI for a week and then transfer back to CN for the second week. Is this possible and which resort would have a better night life.
    I will be Scuba diving during the day but also like to stay up a few times during the week and enjoy some night life as well. Thanks for your responses.

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    CTI. besides having the better area for entertainment they have the better dive boat and THE absolute best dive crew. CSS dive boat is small because of the reef. You can always visit the other Resort on trading places day.

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    CTI is currently turning the beach level gift/coffee shop into a night club. Enough said.

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    We generally found CTI livelier than CSS in the evening, (other than the activities around the Balloon Bar some nights), but it was New Year at the time.
    We couldn't dive from CTI due to rough water all week. We kept checking each day, but I think that annoyed them. One day they did decide to take some people out last minute and we missed it (watched the boat pull away while we were at the pool)
    The dive crew at CSS were awesome, and having the small boat wasn't an issue at all. It's easy to do a back roll into the water, and they helped lift your gear back into the boat. It was less busy than most larger boats too. (We've also been diving at CSA and the crew there were great. Sites were better around Negril, IMHO)
    Both are great resorts. Can't go wrong either way.

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