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    Tried out my new gopro. Not the best but timelapse but it was my first. Now 2 hrs of video to edit.

    Best in HD


    Negril Jamaica Timelapse, Couples Swept Away 2013 - YouTube

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    Great video! I love the feeling of flying into MoBay...seeing the water change color and then...there you are. It's so exciting knowing you are home! Thanks for sharing.

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    Cool idea. The beach looks great!

    Life is good

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    So neat! Thanks for sharing!!

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    That was cool, thanks! 46 more days for me....

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    Thanks for the great feedback. Took this on my Gopro Hero and it was pretty simple to put together. Wanted to get a great sunset but between all our planned activities, dinner reservations, and clouds never got some as good as last time we came (i guess another excuse to come back!). the gf really wanted me to film Kaya (the crab hunting dog) but never got around to it.

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