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    Default 2013 Couples New England Par-taa being planned

    Plans are being made for the annual Couples New England Par-taa. Two of the dates we are looking at are Sept 21 or 28. Providence R.I. Arrive Saturday afternoon, leave after breakfast Sunday morning.

    Looking at the Wyndham Hotel. More liberal policy concerning bringing our own liquid refreshments. There is also a park across the street that we may be able to use. Also looking into reserving a deck the hotel has that we may be able to have for Saturday afternoon.

    Nothing is set in stone.

    You don't have to be from New England to join the Par-taa, just be a couple that loves Couples.

    Watch this space for updates.

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    Looking forward to the PAR TAA since we missed it last year. It will be nice to see everyone again.

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    I am there!!! Missed last years and was so upset. CAN'T wait to see the rest of the New England (and hopefully others from different states) group. SOOO much fun!!! Hubby has a job on the 28th but the 21st would be perfect. Doesn't really matter, he will be calling in sick on the 28th if that is where it lands!
    Keep us updated Richie!!
    Say hi to Syl for me

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    I think it likely to be the 21st. I hear Darin cannot make the 28th. Also the rock and roll Marathon is on the weekend of the 28th so Hotels will probably be full and a higher pirce.

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    The date has been set for September 21st and I started a new thread! See you all again in September.

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    Room booked at the Wyndham. Date put aside on the calendar. Ready for some Jamaica in Providence in September. New England Couples PAR TAA.

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    Just Booked!! I am there for Friday and Saturday...WHOOHOO!!

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    We are booked.

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    I so wished I didn't live so far away

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    Quote Originally Posted by mememon View Post
    I so wished I didn't live so far away
    OH Mememon, that makes me so sad

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    Bumping this up. Anyone is welcome, it doesn't matter where you're from. Come visit Providence, it's a great place.

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