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    What is the difference between the beach front suite and the ocean front suite at CSS?
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    Location, location, location!

    Ocean front has lots of stairs to the beaches, pools, food.

    Beach front is close to the every day used locations. less steps, less walking.
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    Thank you!!

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    Ocean Suites are in the buildings on the cliffs. Great views, a bit quieter, larger balconies, and yes....stairs.

    Beachfront Suites are on the lawn facing the beach. they overlook the pool, beach bar, restaurant, and Watersports area. Smaller balconies but very convenient location.

    Each room category appeals to different people for different reasons. Either of those would be great. We have stayed in the Ocean Suites 3 times and that is our favorite.

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    To begin with, it's "ocean" suites, not "oceanfront." Ocean suites have ocean views; beachfront suites are close to the beach.
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