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    Default Couples Tower Isle - "Lost" Camera

    My wife and I had a truly incredible Honeymoon (April 29-May 6). We met a lot of great people and hold many memories near and dear. Unfortunately, we left our camera on one of the blue benches for about 10 minutes and when we came back to pick it up it was gone. It was a silver Sony CyberShot. While we of course would love to get the camera back, it's the 1000's of photo's that were on the memory card we really miss! We know this is an absolute long shot, but if anyone know's anything about this, please do not hesitate to contact me, we would really appreciate it. On a side note, if you're thinking of going, you must! You definitely will not regret it!! Thanks!

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    Did you check the front desk? We dropped a watch at CN last time there, and someone turned it in to the front desk. We were really surprised and relieved too.

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    im sure you checked with the front desk?

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