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    Default CTI Premier Ocean View Suite - noisy

    I recently read a post on this board in which the person said that if you have booked a Premier Ocean View Suite at CTI be sure to stay away from Building 2 because it is very noisy. So now I'm worried. I have booked a Premier Ocean View Suite at CTI but I'm not sure which building I should request. Has anyone on these boards stayed in a Premier Ocean View Suite at CTI and, if so, did you find it noisy and which building should I request if I want quiet?

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    We haven't been there (but will be in August) but here's what I've learned or found on these message boards. Many of the Premier rooms are in bldg 3 as well, so with it not being right over the main pool it should be quieter, but you might want to get an upper floor. I've heard the ground floor has a lot of foot traffic in the hallway and noise since wedding parties and those from bldgs 4 and 5 pass through there on their way to other areas. While you probably can't request a particular room when you check in, you probably can request a particular building. We also plan to ask for bldg 3 because we don't want to be over the main pool and prefer to be over the beach area.

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    We were in the main building for two weeks when we were married there (almost 7 years ago), in the building by the old pool when we went back 2 yrars ago and booked a premier for october again. We've never had noise issues or heard anyone complain about it. You can't request rooms but can ask to move if you don't like it when you get there.

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    We were at CTI in March for 2 weeks and had room 2202 (top floor building 2, 2nd room along). Great view of the island and the main pool. Now, noise is very subjective, what one person can tolerate or even enjoy as background holiday atmosphere another may find a complete annoyance. We are in our mid to late fifties and are not party animals. Our average day consisted of a couple of hours on the island after breakfast, lunch back at Patio and back to the island for another couple of hours. Around 4pm we would return to our room to cool off, do a bit of reading, watch the TV or listening to music (ipod) etc and then prepare for dinner. During this time there was often volleyball in the main pool. Yes this could get a bit noisy, but was also often hilarious to watch - aren't some people so competitive! After dinner we would mostly retire fairly early to our room (10ish). Music could be heard from the entertainment in Patio, but again this felt to me to be just holiday atmosphere. And my main observation would be that with the balcony doors closed, air conditioning on, TV or music on at a very modest level, we really were not disturbed at all by the noise of people on holiday having a good time. Unless you are very, very sensitive to noise I would suggest you have no worries at all about ending up in Building 2.

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    We've stayed in all the buildings except 5, but never a Suite. If you are in building 2 and on the second floor, you are level with the martini bar. This is not open that late. You will also get some noise from the entertainment on the patio. The pool is pretty quiet, so nothing from there. If you are in building 3, you will be above the beach and the swim up bar. We were on the first floor one year and asked to be moved the next day due to the loud foot traffic at night. Last year, we noticed they now close the doors to the lobby and have placed a sign by the doors in the evening to remind others to be respectful and quiet when in the halls. Last year, we were in Building 3 right off the stairwell on the 3rd floor. We heard it might be noisy as it is also near the elevator, but we had no problems.

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    When I stayed at CTI in a Premier Ocean View Suite, the room was directly over the lobby. Never had a problem with noise in that location and the view was AMAZING! Have a fantastic trip!
    Bonnie & Jon

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    Default It's true

    We are at cti right now and yes the hallways are noisy in the morning. It's both doors slamming and people talking. The main issue comes from the long hallways with the buildings connected. Just like a long hotel. Forget about sleeping in. If you want to get up in the morning there is no issue. We are already booked for next year here and we will either go to a different class of room or another resort.

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