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    Default What type of requests at CSA??

    Traveling to CSA for the first time in 6 days!! (June 9th-13th), and I've been doing my best to keep myself up-to-date on all the CSA reviews, but it's going to be difficult this week with work and chasing a pre-schooler and toddler around So, I keep reading about most of you making a room request upon check-in for a top-floor corner room?? We are staying in an "atrium suite", and so what building, level should we request upon check-in? Any other requests we need to remember to make?


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    Those people asking for a "top floor corner room" will be staying in the new section of CSA. Atriums (our favourites) are in the original section.

    There are only 2 floors with 2 rooms on each floor. We prefer ground floor so that we can go straight out from our veranda (these days we have to ask for a key to the veranda door), others prefer the top floor for the vaulted cathedral ceilings and extra privacy. Its your choice.

    As for location - again your choice; we prefer to be as far away as possible from the Palms Restaurant, because of potential noise, others like that location - they can sit on their balcony and enjoy the music!

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    Hope you have a great trip and CSA is great! We just got back a couple weeks ago! Seen the atrium rooms. Looked nice! Sign up for romance rewards and you can put your req in there and also ask again at check in! I would say 2cd floor! Gives more privacy and ground floor rooms are nice but crabs come out at night and can get in! As far a a building? We stayed in a GVS! Eat at Feathers is was awesome!

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    Different people have different preferences, and what appeals most to me might not appeal to you. Since you've never been to CSA before, you have no idea what floor, building, etc., would be best suited to you. Why not just accept the room that is offered to you and see how that works. There was a woman on the MB who rejected the room initially offered to her and asked for a specific room that someone on the MB had suggested. When she later learned where the original room was located, she was upset b/c the location of the room she rejected was preferable to her than the location of the room she specifically requested.
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    I don't think there are any "Bad" rooms at CSA! Also, you can request a particular area...but please remember it's just that...a request. Relax and enjoy! We stay in the atrium suites every time we go (twice a year) and prefer a 2nd floor for the high ceilings.

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    Pamela is always right! On our recent trip in April, we had booked a gvs and was kind of hoping to be on the newer side but got an older one on the other side of the resort. Now we have stayed in these before but had forgot how cool they were , how private with all the lush foliage around our veranda. We LOVED it and were glad we just went with what they gave us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caribbeanlove View Post
    and ground floor rooms are nice but crabs come out at night and can get in!

    Been there five times, staying on the ground floor three times. Never saw a crab on the grounds. Never seen this. Not even once.

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    Caribbeanlove, were you in the original GVS rooms? Those rooms only have 2 floors to the building. The newer GVS room have 3 floors. So, if you were in an older GVS please tell me what you thought. What was your verandah like? Did it have some sort of couch? Tell me anything you can. Thanks. I appreciate it.

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    Margi if you want some original gvs pics, email me at

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    We put in a general req and just went with what they gave us! We had a third floor room! So newer section. Though we wanted a end room, was not avail! We liked our room! We could of moved right next door ,the next day.But stayed put! So close to everything we ended up liking best! Patios, swim up bar, Feather, grill and close to the beach! I think it was building 14? Down our stairs and around the corner to everything. Stairs were no issue! There was a chair and couch on the verandah. When are you going and did you book GVS?

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    You can't go wrong with the Atrium Suite, which is our personal favorite. Have stayed in an Ocean Front 1x and a Atrium 3x, don't think we will ever stay in another room category, once you get there and experience it you will know

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    Thanks softail 19! I will definitely email you to get the pics. And thanks for all that info Caribbeanlove. We are going this October and it will be our 2nd time at CSA, but 3rd time to a Couples resort. We are staying in a GVS and last time we stayed in an OVS. I'm really curious to know what the original GVS's look like and I've heard some have bigger verandah's than others. I can't wait to get back to CSA. It ROCKS!

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    We've stayed in the Beachfront Verandahs on are previous trips. Always had 1st floor. We loved being able to walk right out to the beach. But we booked to late this year for a beachfront. So we will be in an Atrium. Although we won't be right on the beach. I'm looking forward to the new experience. Plus with the money we saved, we are staying an extra day. We will be there Oct 15-23. We got married at CSA 10-20-2010 and go back every year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiff542 View Post
    Been there five times, staying on the ground floor three times. Never saw a crab on the grounds. Never seen this. Not even once.
    I think it's seasonal. I've never seen one at CN, but a MB member posting under the name Norway posted pictures of a large crab outside of his room.

    The only time we visited CSA was in July 2008, and we saw many, many crabs about the property in the evening.
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    One benefit of the ground floor atrium room we enjoy is undisturbed delivery of coffee (plus whatever you request the night before) for us to enjoy early, in our CSA robes. Absolute nirvana!!!!

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