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    I am getting married at CTI March 15th and i need some Ideas on wedding music. Does anyone know how many songs you have to choose for the ceremony, and if you also bring your own music for the DVD? Thanks

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    I had 1 song for walking "down the aisle". Then I had 2 for the reception. These were on the DVD along with several others that the video guy selected, but I'm pretty sure that if you had more on the CD, then the videographer would use those on the video.

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    Do you have any ideas for the wedding songs? I dont really know that many good ones!

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    Here were our songs:

    Walking down the "aisle" - IZ: Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World (IZ sings this song - it's a Hawaiian version)

    Announcing marriage - Michael Buble: Everything

    First Dance- Big and Rich: Lost in This Moment With You

    Signing Cetificate- Phil Vasser: That's When I Love You

    Cutting Cake- Kenny Chesney: The Good Stuff

    The last two songs were ones that were special to us.

    They used our songs on the DVD, but for some reason they did not include my first song. I was a little upset, because that was my favorite song on the CD. They actually played the Michael Buble song 3 times on my DVD. I'm not sure why, because I had plenty of songs. I would specify or make a note of the songs that you would want on your DVD.

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    My fiancee is an avid guitar player and is making his own instrumental version of our song for me to walk down the aisle to. Have not decided on the other songs though.

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    You can bring your own, I bought a few CD's that were special to us for fear that the resort wouldn't have them. They also give you a really good list of songs and they will also give you instuctions on where the songs will be placed on your video. COT/CTI was great with this.

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