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    Default We got our marriage certificate today!!!!

    Jsut had to come and share the good news! We were married on 4/16/2013 at Couples Negril. I was sure that we were going to have to wait FOREVER for it. Now I can finally change my name!

    We had the one love package and used the resort photographer...he was awesome!!! I had my makeup and hair done there, and I was very pleased (moreso than the 'do that my hairdresser did for our AHR last month, but that's another story).

    Here's a link to my album on facebook..

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    Very pretty, congratulations!

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    link says... not available

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    Congratulations!!!!! I love your pictures!

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    Grats and beautiful pictures!! I was thinking 14-16 weeks-meaning arriving in September for us. This makes me hopeful!!

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    We got ours the next day (friday)! We were married the same day as you. Congrats!

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    Thanks, y'all!! I was totally shocked to get it so "early." Now I just have to take my rear to the social security office, DMV, etc. Yuck!!!

    PeteandSarah...I have no idea why the link won't work for you.

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    I tried again and got it! thanks for sharing!!! I can't wait!

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    We were married on 6/8 and still have not received ours

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    So pretty! We are getting married feb 1, 2014. We are beyond excited! Cant wait!

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