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    We stayed at CTI in 2010 and now are going to CN in August. Should we have been asked when making the res if we were repeat visitors? We weren't. Should we call and tell them? Is there something we get (besides a great time)?

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    If you're already signed up for Romance Rewards, which, if not, do it immediately, then it doesn't matter at the time of reservation. You will do the pre-check-in a minimum of 3 days prior to your trip, but I would suggest doing that about 2 weeks out. The pre-check-in is how they know you're a repeater.
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    Sign up for the Romance Rewards. That is the repeater program. I think you have to sign-up before or soon after returning to get the credit to your account. But send a message to Couples and let them know the dates of your previous stay and they maybe able to credit your account. If not, then sign-up for this trip and when you check-in you give your Romance Rewards number.
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    Register for the Romance Rewards. Any credit for nights expires every 4 years. I don't know how many nights you stayed and don't know if you get credit for the nights, but definitely worth the try.. If nothing more, you may at least get to go to the Repeaters' Dinner.

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