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    Just wondering if anyone has shopped at the gift shop at CSS. If so what kind of sizes are available for women. Also, what type of clothing.
    One Love,

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    If I remember correctly the sizes were just Small - X Large. There are t-shirts, swimsuits, dresses.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    I don't remember the sizes because once I saw price tags on the dresses and sarongs and stuff, I didn't get very far! $$$!!! It's mostly beachy stuff, swimsuits and of course t-shirts. S-M-L-XL I'm sure.

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    I'd recommend bringing the clothing you want! People are right, very expensive!
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    Thank you. Looking forward to CSS in February! !

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    We used our $300 resort credit in the gift shop. They have everything for men and women. Yes, there are long maxi dresses, bathing suits, t shirts etc. All different sizes available but on the pricey side! They also have a small selection of costume jewelry, tote bags, hats. Have fun in February!

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    I had a large resort credit,so I spent much time at the gift shop. I personally did not find the prices much different then the airport. One item we purchased that my husband and son love, and some Bob Marley sandals, never seen any in the USA. Also purchased some nice Bob Marley shirts as souvenirs for the kids, also priced well. They have children and adult sizes, and most of the clothes are downstairs.
    The gift shop is fairly large, with an upstairs and a basement.

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    Don't remember sizing. But I got a great deal. 3 t-shirts for $20.
    Linda & Nick
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