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    Our July trip to CSA will be our first all inclusive (and our first trip to the Caribbean). Are we able to get food/snacks if we're hungry in between meals? Do we get three meals per day or can we go anywhere not requiring reservations anytime when we want a bite to eat? Thanks in advance!!

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    You will not starve at Couples. There is always something to eat. That being said, we always bring snack supplies for our room, like beef jerky, chips, nuts, and candy.

    One note, Jamaicans are NOT big on beef jerky. We gave some to our bellhop and a dive shop guy once and I thought they were dying inside. I told them to spit it out if they didn't like it, which they promptly proceeded to do. They weren't keen on the extreme saltiness and worcestershire.
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    You can go anywhere, anytime you want and eat as much as you want. If you don't like the food, just tell them you want something else. If you want to taste two entrées, just ask for half an order of each. If you want two full sized entrees, just ask. If it's lobster night and you want four lobster tails for you entrée and another for desert, just ask. If you want four deserts instead of and entrée, just ask. It's all you can eat any time you want. The beach grills are open pretty much all day every day and even after midnight.
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    You can go anywhere that is open to get snacks/food/meals anytime.

    Our last trip we did bring a few snacks from home, to have in our room, for times we didnt feel like leaving our room, especially later at night when only cabana grill is open.

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    You will get 3 meals a day, and can eat at a few of the smaller food outlets all day long. Be sure to get the meat patties at the Beach Grill, and the veggie chips at um...Seagrapes? (I can never remember the name of the place!) Also, IF the machines are working, the soft ice cream machines at Beach Grill and next to Seagrapes open at 11 a.m.

    I also strongly suggest a walk across the street from the far end of the resort to Ossie's, for REAL jerk. This will truly be just your first trip to CSA, as you'll be back! We go twice a year. Enjoy!

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    The non-reservation food locations are available to you anytime they are open and you can go as often as you wish and eat as much as you want.

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    There is a grille and a veggie stand that you can go to between meals. But you can also go from one restaraunt to another if you'd like No worries Mon the food is plentiful!

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    You are not going to believe how much you can, when you can eat and where y0u can eat. Check out the restaurants on the Couples website where hours and menu of each is listed. You will not go hungry. In addition there are candy bars, chips, etc. for sale in the gift shop. Don't see how anyone would have room to fit these snack items in their stomachs, but ...... You will love what is available.

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    Yes, there are snack type foods available...Sea Grapes and the Cabana Grill are your best bets...or you can bring a few of your own, which I highly suggest (we brought CheezIts, teddy grahams, fruit snacks, etc). You can eat 3 meals, or 5, whatever your heart desires. All you have to do is saunter over to one of the eateries! Note, a few of the nice restaurants require reservations and have a dress code. Patois was our fav dinning choice...oh so delish!!!!! Just click on the Restaurant section and scroll through them--they have menus available so you can get an idea of the selections. Enjoy, relax, and have fun!!! We were just there in May (also 1st timers) and miss it greatly.....


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    You will NOT go hungry at CSA. The different restaurants are open different hours, but essentially some restaurant will be open at almost all times. The Cabana Grill makes munchies (jerk chicken, hamburgers, fries, onion rings) and is open until 5:00 a.m. The Palms opens for breakfast very early. You can also get room service continental breakfast starting at 6:30 a.m. Some people do bring pretzels or chips for their room, because there isn't a whole lot of that type of food at CSA. Here is how we typically handle our meals: order room service for an early delivery (we're early risers) with coffee, juice, and fruit. Work out at the sports complex. Come back to our room for a quick shower then head to the Palms for a huge buffet breakfast (you can also go to Patois for an ala carte breakfast). For lunch, we can either grab a quick bite at the Cabana Grill or Sea Grapes; eat buffet at the Palms, or ala carte at Patois. If we want a snack mid afternoon, Bob will pick up some plantain chips and dip from Seagrapes. Then dinner at Patois, Palms, Feathers, or Lemongrass. Cabana Grill closes during the dinner hours, but opens back up at 10:00 for those late night munchies.

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    You can eat as often as you like at any of the restaurants that are open. Keep in mind that Lemongrass and Feathers require reservations. The Cabana grill is open from 11AM to late night and has no dress code requirements, Seagrapes is open from ten-ish to four-ish. Palms is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, likewise Patois. You will be able to get something to eat pretty much when ever you want. Snacks, if necessary, (chips, munchies, etc) can be purchased at gift shops or at several shops along the beach or road, or you can pack some along with you from home.

    You will love CSA! Have a great trip!
    See you at the beach!
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    Eat as much as you want, Cabana grill and Seagrapes are great for snacks.

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    Lots of food available all day long. Eat as many meals as you want. You will find several couples who eat two breakfasts. One delivered to their room and then they go to the restaurant to eat. No need for concern about meals. Food can always be found.
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    We brought with us snacks for the room. Plenty of food at the resort! You can always get a bite to eat! You must try feathers! You will need a res for it. We just got back from our first stay at CSA it was awesome! Sign up for romance rewards before you go! You can then do any req and pick mini bar stuff! Do pre check in! What kind of room did you book? Have a great trip!

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    Feathers and Lemongrass I believe take reservations. Not to worry, there is food available everywhere. Sea grapes and the grill have snacks available during the day and the grill at night. Hubby and I absolutely love the self serve nachos all day! Trust me, you will not go hungry! You guys will LOVE the resort. Enjoy

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    You will never go hungry at Couples. There is someplace to eat open all the time.

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    All of the food options sound awesome! Thanks everyone! Now I'm hungry

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    Going hungry will be the last thing you will worry about! So much good stuff everywhere. I suggest Jerk Chicken and Fries for a snack or Plantain chips and smoothie for something lighter.

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