Hi everyone,

On top of being super excited to come home to CN 6/28-7/5/13, my husband and I have just booked CSA Atrium suite for April 19-26, 2014. We wanted to take advantage of the $300 resort credit before it expired. We have only ever been to CN and I was wondering about the rooms at CSA. How is the Atrium suite compared to CN (for those who have been to both) and for anyone who has traveled in April, what is the weather typically like? We have only ever gone in June/July. In general, any advice about the property would be great for those who have been to both.
We will be traveling with two other couples and after all of the raving I have done about couples, they are joining us as well. All booked the Atrium suites. Are the suites located throughout the property or are there chances we could be in the same areas? I apologize, I'm asking so money questions but I am on a couples overload at the moment!!!! We will be doing trading place in a couple weeks to finally visit CSA but I can't help being super excited.

Thanks again!