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    Default Repeaters dinner

    Hey everyone! We will be coming back to CN for the second time this December. I was curious as to when the repeaters dinner was. Do they do them weekly? Do we just let them know when we check in that we are repeaters? I've already signed up for the romance rewards last year. Also are we eligible for the trading spaces w/ CSA? Thanks!

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    The repeaters dinner at CN is on Monday.
    Irie Mon

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    Yes you are eligble for the trading spaces and yes they will know that you are a repeater. Be sure to check in on line for the RR prior to arriving, they will have your tee shirts waiting on you in your room.

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    The last time we were there they asked us to sign up for the Repeaters dinner at the side desk. They wanted a good head count. The Repeater's Dinner is awesome. Not to be missed. They treat you so well.

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