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    Default School supplies to donate/Treats for staff

    What sort of school supplies does anyone take to donate to the staff for their children? D you give them to them or to the checkin office?

    What kinds of treats do you take for the staff? Do they get in trouble for accepting them?

    If you take gifts for staff members you have met on previous trips do they get in trouble for accepting them?

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    You have to give a note along with the gift so management knows it was a gift. We take spiral notebooks and packages of pencils and leave them at desk. May take a whole suitcase full this year as we used miles to fly first class and bags are free. We take Halloween packets of candy to randomly give out to the bar staff and others who we see.

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    In the past we just let the front desk know ahead of time if we wanted to give something to one of the staff members that way they would not get in trouble. As for school supplies, we gave them to the front desk/concerige desk and took crayons, colored pencils, coloring books, and construction paper

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    One place to make your donations of school supplies (or even your time if you are so inclined) is to donate to the St. Anthony's Soup Kitchen in Negril.

    The kitchen is located about a half mile from the "Round About" on the road heading east towards Savannah La Mar.

    As part of their "Get to School" program, they serve breakfast to about 40 children each weekday morning from 7:00 to 8:30 AM and operate a bus to get them to school. At lunch time they serve food to about 140 to 150 people. They also accept donations of school supplies and clothing for the children.

    US citizens who would like the tax deduction should make donations directly through the Franciscan priests in Cincinnati. You can send a check, payable to Franciscan Friars, to FriarWorks, St. Francis Friary, 1615 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. They are a 501(c)(3) outfit. Include a note with your donation that you want the gift to go towards the St. Anthony's Soup Kitchen in Negril, Jamaica. They will send 100% of your gift (wiring it into their bank account) and they will send an acknowledgment letter to you that is good for tax purposes. You can also go online and make a credit card gift at Franciscan Friars - Province of St. John the Baptist in Cincinnati, Ohio. Click on donate. You can also call them at 1-513-721-4700 x 3218 and they will take the info over the phone.

    Specific questions can be directed to Fr. Jim Bok at , by phone (876-881-1763) or stop by the church (Mary Gate of Heaven) on the Beach Road across from Coco La Palm.

    Randy, I thank you, from Fr. Jim, for posting this.
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