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    Looking for drink suggestions! I'm not a huge drinker but I do drink socially and I'm excited to try different drinks while we're in CSA next month (yeah!). I don't like the taste of whiskey/scotch but I'm up for trying anything else. Let me know what drink is a must do for you in Jamaica! Thanks!!

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    I've started a list of drinks to try that folks have mentioned in older threads..I'm also looking forward to trying the "drink of the day" concoctions.

    Dirty banana
    Jamaica smile
    Purple rain
    Vodka slushy
    Rum punch
    Snake eyes
    Miami vice
    Bob Marley shot
    Piña colada
    Red stripe
    Red stripe light
    Rum or vodka & ting

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    My wife and I are particularly keen on Cointreau, lime (cordial if they have it. If not just plenty of fresh lime juice) and lemonade. Over ice and not crushed like a slush puppy!

    Having said that your username looks like you are a friend of a certain Vodka house (Stolichnaya). Mix with Bollinger champange and you have what the Brits call Stolly Bolly. Mad ain't it!

    When you get to the bar and are feeling a little adventurous, order a Bob Marley. Only have one unless you feel like taking a buggy back to your room!

    In truth we are really not very experienced drinkers as we are not that keen on feeling woozy, out of control or poorly the next day but, if truth be told, we manage to secure ourselves more alcoholic beverages in two weeks as CSS that we do in a whole year at home. We still manage to stay pretty sober though.

    Enjoy the trip and ensure you try the daily cocktail suggestion. You might catch on to something you like!

    J & J

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    Try the Bob Marley. It's cool looking; red, green, and yellow, all separated in one glass! They will tell you to drink it with a straw and you should do it that way. If you try to sip it you'll never finish it! Try it once. You may, or may not try it again but you have to do it once!
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    Appleton V/X, coconut rum, pineapple juice and a dark rum floater... That's my go-to
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    Pina Colada with a rum cream float!
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    Miami Vice is great. Try the drink of the day. It's always good. Dirty Banana is another I like. Try the Bob Marley shot but watch out it does provide a kick.

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    jamaican delight, vodka slush & dirty banana try them!!!

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    My wife likes a dirty banana made with a real banana and no simple syrup. I'm pretty much a beer guy, but I have to admit..... they're good.

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    Mojito's are always a great summer drink.

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    We did all the colors of the rainbow and asked for a different color drink each time at the swim up bar. Favorite is the purple rain!

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    The bars have a daily "special" drink. Try them, if you don't like it you can order something else. My favorite drink was the key lime martini from the martini bar. It wasn't overly sweet, but very refreshing. Their chocolate Martina's were very good too (also from martini bar). Since you aren't a big drinker stay away from the bob marley shot, you may think its horrible.

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    Hummingbird, dirty banana, rum punch are some that are great to try during the day.At night you must visit the Martini Bar and try some of their great Martinis. My favorite is the Blue Mountain martini.

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    If you like vodka or gin and tonics then try the Jamaican version: Appleton VX and tonic. So good.

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    Ask for an extra shot of rum cream in your Dirty Banana. Love that rum cream. Dirty Banana with a double shot for me. End up goin home with potassium overload
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    DEFINITELY give the Dirty Banana a go! It's our favorite first-drink-of-the-day drink. We also love Absolute Vodka & Ting. I have heard that one is good w/ a splash of cranberry as well. Red Stripe in a bottle for sure! I liked the Snake Eyes but have forgotten what's in it.

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    This is your time to go crazy and try all sorts of drinks! There is no extra charge and if you don't like it...don't drink it. Just order something else. Many people go to an all inclusive and only drink what they are used to at home. Big mistake!!! At anywhere from $8-$15 a drink back home it gets expensive to experiment. problem mon. Each bar has drink menus to drink your way through and the bartenders are always willing to serve you their own "special" drink. I usually go Jamaican and get as many different rum drinks as I can. Ask for Appleton VX in your drink and get the better quality rum. Even if a drink calls for another type of alcohol I will often substitute rum for it and give it a try. Rummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...mmmmmmmmmm...ya mon. Irie!

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    Thanks so much for all of the suggestions!! I can't wait to try them!!

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    We are here now and I really like the tantalizer...It's very tasty, but a little on the weak side. Oh, and it's on the rocks. Enjoy!!

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