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Thread: Vendors...Ray?

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    Default Vendors...Ray?

    Does the vendor Ray who draws on items sell the items (t-shirts, bags, aprons that I read about) or do you take those items with you and ask him to paint on them? Are the items with the paint washable or more decorative?

    Do you recommend any other particular vendors? If so, who and what items?

    Thank you!!

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    ya mon, ray bell is only one of the creative jamaican vendors that is at swept away, you can bring things he can paint on or he can supply the shirts, his shirts are washable and they do last a really long time, i do have some of his t shirts hanging up as well for art work, he is on the beach on tuesdays and fridays, down by the water sports shack, you can see another thread on ray bell if you scroll down a page or two...

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