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    Hi Everyone,

    We are going to CSS later this year and I am very apprehensive about SSB. Here is one of the main reasons why....

    We were at CTI previously and decided to try the island. Once we got there we found some lounge chairs in a fairly private area, took off our clothes and went to get a drink at the pool bar. Everyone stopped talking when we got there! I felt like they were all staring... Was it because we were both shaved? Is it that so unusual? We were possibly younger than most others there, but not that much. We stayed about 1/2 hour and left.

    My hubby didn't notice (or didn't care) but I was incredibly self-conscious. He wants to go to SSB when we are at CSS. Will we experience the same thing? Seriously, I get kind of nauseous thinking about that again....


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    No idea why they would have stopped talking when you got to the bar. We were at SSB in May and there were all ages, from early 20's to 60's+. Men and women were both shaved, natural, trimmed....didn't seem to matter. I'd say go to SSB, get a lounger around the pool, have Veronique make your drinks all day, and enjoy meeting new people!
    CSS 5/21-5/31/13
    CSS 4/12-4/24/15

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    really???? I would say we had the exact opposite experience... we went to CTI last yr and our first nude experience was on the island. We did the same thing, grabbed seats on the end of the island by ourselves and I would go get us drinks occasionally. After a while I sent the wife to do it to help loosen her up a little because she was still a little timid. She was gone for a 1/2 hour!! Next thing I know, she comes back talking about the friends she made... now we're moving our stuff to the pool side and we're hanging out with 5-6 people in the pool. We went back the next day and spent the entire day poolside hanging with everyone. (which happened to be our second wedding anniversary, it was awesome spending the entire day naked in the sun) The crowd was diverse... We're younger for the nudie crowd, in our mid 30's, but we weren't the youngest. People of all shapes and sizes, we're both chubby and we felt comfortable. In fact, I'm a bigger guy who's never felt comfortable taking my shirt off at the beach, but I had no problem getting completely nude. And most people were trimmed, I shaved completely and she got waxed. Most of the women were completely shaved or waxed, Brazilian style. So I'm not sure why you felt that way. I think you had an isolated experience or maybe it was just one of those situations where you thought everyone got silent when you got there... maybe it was in your head. Either way... I would say screw them and ignore it.

    Oh and we did do one day at the CSS nude beach and it rocks! It's a huge area with plenty of locations to be private with your husband. I think you'll enjoy CSS a lot more than the island. We loved it so much we just booked another trip... going back this December.

    I hope you enjoy your trip....


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    We have been to CTI many times. While I agree everyone probably checked you out when you arrived, I have never experianced anyone stopping a conversation. After you are on the Island awhile, you are the ones checking the newbies out, and all is good. PS, most everyone I have seen on the Island was shaved, we also have tattoos and piercings, I am sure we got the up and down look more than once. thats there problem, not mine.

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    I'm surprised at the reaction you got, the wife and I went to the island and did exactly what you did but when we went to the pool no one paid us any special attention and I was watching for that because I wanted the experience to be as comfortable for the wife as possible. She was very nervous about going but the reception we got and the atmosphere was such that she was eager to go the next chance we had.

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    Hi! Hubby and I live on SSB when we are at CSS! It is large enough so you can choose to be a social as you choose. If the 2 of you are beach people, hang out on the beach. If you are pool people, hang out by the pool. SSB is large enough that I don't think you will ever feel uncomfortable. I don't know why people stared at you--at SSB most folks are shaved, so its no big deal. Have a great trip!

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    Wow, that sounds really uncomfortable. Since I wasn't there I can't really tell you what was the cause for the silence but here are some possibilities:

    *Maybe you walked up at the exact time a natural break in the conversation occurred
    *Maybe you and your S.O. are very good looking and the people at the pool bar inadvertently stopped their conversation because they were (momentarily) taking in your beauty
    *Maybe they all stopped talking because they were giving you an opportunity to join in the conversation

    As I said, I really don't know what exactly happened. However, based on my multiple experiences on various nude and clothing optional beaches, being completely shaved is NOT unusual at all, for either men or women. So I don't believe that you both being shaved was the reason for the break in the conversation.

    I would encourage you to try again at CSS. If you happen to experience the same break in conversation when you go up to the pool bar, I suggest you swallow your fear, put on a big smile and say "Hi, I'm Tracy, this is my husband Bob. It's our first time here. What drink do you all recommend?" I'll bet that will be enough to start the conversational ball rolling again. Granted, it might be hard to do but once you get over that initial "silent zone" I'll bet you'll make friends right away.

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    It shouldn't be a problem - I know myself and a couple of the women I speak with at SSB wax. If he waxed the other guys might have noticed - what with them looking up from the pool at you as you approach - and done the standard guy wince at the idea. If you have tattoos they may also have been looking at those (it's how some of us recognize each other dressed), or they could have just been unaware anyone else was there and you surprised them. The folks that hang out near the pool bar at SSB are generally friendly and willing to chat with new folks, especially since we have the lunch buffet where people from the beach come in for a bite. We even have activities at SSB so you have an icebreaker with others. Hope this helps.

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    We Just stayed at CTI for the first time and decided to try the Island. The first day we got out there the first day and went to the right, for a bit of privacy, I walked around and went over to get a drink. On the way back a storm kicked up and we got very comfortable with everyone's nudity rather quickly while huddled in the tower. After that that was the only place we wanted to go lay out, except for the day we went over to CSS, we took over that AN for the day (there were 6 couples with us). It was a blast and just walked around like normal, if you're not self conscious about it no one will notice

    Have a blast! I can't wait to go back

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    SSB at CSS is HUGE and there is ample room by the pool and on the beach to relax. We started out on the beach but by weeks end had set up poolside. The first group that was there was friendly, but not overly outgoing. HOWEVER, during this time my wife was on the beach reading and I would go up to the pool to cool off/get drinks so it may be that I was unaccompanied? Later a different group came in and we all had a blast! It was as if we had all known each other for ages. (pool beer pong anyone?) So I would say it will take more than 30 minutes and I would bet $$ you will be just fine, but if you don't find a group you click with it is large enough that it wont matter. On a side note we loved it so much we booked a return trip for next June.

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    Thanks everybody! I really do feel better and will probably try it again. I know he really wants to.

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    Nobody would care about your age or your shaving. Weird. My hubby and I are loyal islanders and we both wax. Nobody cares.

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    Well I must say that's a strange event. I really doubt your being shaved had anything to do with it. That would be like thinking you got a ticket because you had a blue car. There is a thread here somewhere about shaved/trimmed/natural and you will probably find that many many people are shaved.

    Perhaps the conversation was something private or not appropriate for a stranger. Maybe they were talking naughty and didn't want to offend you.

    My experience is that naked people are more friendly and less likely to make you uncomfortable that clothed people. They stare less and check you out less.

    I'd give it another try and chock that one up to bad timing or planet alignment.

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    Just got back from CSS and I would say around 30 to 40% of people were shaved and no one bothered in the slightest - in fact after two or three days I needed to shave my chest/belly as it was starting to show so decided to go all the way as well and remove what little hair I had down below as well and I did not notice anyone act any different even my wife never said anything.

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