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    Default October 2009 party

    My wife Andria of 23 years and I (Kevin) will be at Couples from October 3rd through 7th. We are going to Alfred's on Sunday, to dance in the sand. Check out the web site
    Every TUESDAY, FRIDAY & SUNDAY Nights!
    On The Main Stage with the A.O.P. Band
    plus never-ending exotic, cultural surprises which can include: Firebreathers, Contortionists, Limbo Contests, Comedians, Native Animal Displays, Balancing Acts & Much, Much More!
    Looking for some folks to hang out. We are celebrating our birthdays. Let's party until the sun come up.

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    We will be there october 1 thru the 8th...hope to have a birthday drink

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    Alfreds on sunday sounds good to us..we wil be happy to go.i looked at the itenerary at negril couples sunday night and it doesnt look like much is going on.

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    Default Meet for a drink

    We look forward to meeting the two of you for a drink. Is this your first time to Jamaica?

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    Yes, this is our first time.We are from Indiana. Mark is 43 and a firefighter and I am 38 and a RN. This is our honeymoon.. a little belated. We got married in June with our kids and family in Alabama on the beach so our parents could be there..origionally we had planned to get married in Jamaica. We are very excited about going.

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    Default 9 days and counting

    You guys are going to love Jamaica. My wife and I have been several times and will keep coming back. We are from Baltimore, MD. I will be celebrating my 49th birthday, I am an Account Administrator for an Investment Management firm and Andria is an International Travel Consultant. Congratulations on your marriage, sometime I can not believe we have been married for 23 years with two beautiful daughters. You will have the time of your lifes on the island. We arrive at 9:15 am 10/3/09 so I guess will will not get there until 11:30. We will meet up with you after we get settled in. I can not wait to put my feet in the sand

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    Default We will be there 1st - 4th

    Quote Originally Posted by mark_and_kristi View Post
    We will be there october 1 thru the 8th...hope to have a birthday drink
    Hey Mark and Kristi > My wife Shane and I will be at CN 1 - 4th as well. Let's make sure we at least meet up for a drink. You can hit me on email at:
    6 Days and counting!!! That is if we survive the Georgia floods! - chuck -

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    I am so excited only 4 days left. wr will email u so that we can get together for a drink while we are there...cant wait to dig my toes in the sand

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