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    I have been hearing/reading that the bathrooms in the garden deluxe rooms are being renovated, we will be there sept 23-29 and just wondering what kind of construction if any will be taking place during that time. Also has anyone else traveled during this season? we are wondering what kind of weather to expect?

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    When CN refreshes or renovates they will close the building that they are working, so it should not interfere with your vacation.
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    Sorry I can't help you with the bathroom renovations question but we go every year the last week in September through the first week in October. Typically it will pour liquid sunshine on you for about 2 hours during mid-morning to early afternoon and then the sun will come out. The weather will vary but the rain is usually short lived. I can only remember 1day in which it rained all day, and even then we still used the hot tubs quite a bit. It stopped right at sunset to allow for this picture so no worries!

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    We will be there Aug 31 thru Sep 9. I have noticed that all the Garden Deluxe rooms are booked during this period. I guess this is because of the renovations.

    Sooooo what are the chances of getting a free upgrade or a renovated room?

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    I was wondering the same thing.... we did book a garden deluxe room for the end of the month so I am hoping they will all be renovated by then. Three and a half months to go.

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    Hey,Buddy one think I believe the renovation that will be done in the room will not spoil your vacation and you will get to enjoy your vacation as few years back I have also gone through same situation.

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    I was there one year when they were redoing the rooms. The closed down entire buildings to do the work so no one was disturbed. Couples knows how to do construction right!
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    We arrive Aug 31. We booked a deluxe garden room and would definitely not mind an upgrade! Only 70 more days!

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    Does anyone know what building have been renovated to date? and which ones they are working on now?

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    Can any recent visitors update us and comment on the upgrades and what buildings are already done.

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