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    Default Airbrush Makeup.. CN spa.

    Does anyone know if the spa at Couples Negril does airbrush Makeup, I am considering having the spa do my makeup services for my wedding day but since its such a special occasion I'd prefer airbrush over traditional makeup. Just wondering if I should look into hiring an outside artist Ohh, and that bring up another question, if I do hire an outside makeup artist would there be another vendor fee, like what I have to pay to bring in an outside photographer? Thanks!

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    Great questions!! Has any responded? Maybe in another thread? Have you had your wedding yet? If you have,please share how this worked out for you.

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    Besides wanting airbrush makeup i also wanted my hair and make done in the privacy of my room. so I did my research and i finally found someone. After reading her reviews and seeing her work on Facebook, I decided to call her and book. She is a lil pricing but I understand why. She travels to you all the way from Kingston so she charges a traveling fee of a 100 and 70 for make up and 70 for hair totaling 240. You have to pay her half to hold the date and the rest the day of. If you interested email me and ill give you her info and Facebook.

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