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    Default What's the first thing you do??

    Okay, I've got to ask this question! After arriving at the resort, what's usually the first thing you do? Do you head straight to the beach? The Bar? Take a nap? A Shower? Make Love? I'm just curious! lol This will be our first trip to Jamaica....we were thinking about dropping our bags and heading to the bar to try a Bob Marley shot...then again we might go in a different direction!!

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    We get to resort early our room wont be ready so we change into swimsuites across street then head over to the grill for our first cheese burger in paradise. Next we grab a drink from the swim up bar and head to the ocean and walk down to the other side of property(CSA) . Grab another drink and get in the hot tub by palms. Then go check on room and make some dinner reservation.

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    We get out for a walk on the beach, grinning ear to ear that we are, "home." Then the rest depends upon our arrival, either more beach, or get ready for some dinner if it's later than normal (flight delays suck!!)

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    Don't try to plan this out. Something will pull you in one direction of another. Part of the joy of going to a new place is the discovery of new experiences. Ask the bellman who brings you to your room what he recommends, or just wonder out and see what calls to you.

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    Sure, have the Bob Marley shot but don't have a second one or you may not get back to your room for a while!

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    Depending on food timing, I like to quickly unpack and then head right to a beach bar and "get on the highway". That's right the Couples highway.

    The second time we went to CSA we just ran right up the on ramp and joined the party. We didn't have to take orientation or worry about where the first night's meal was going to happen or any of that "make reservation stuff" because we were home and knew that it was "no problem". It's been that way everytime since then.

    Just think, no matter what time you read this, just imagine what you would be doing at a Couples resort at that time, of that day of the week. Odds are something very similar is going on at that very moment. Always makes me smile.

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    Ummmm....... I probably shouldn't say...

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; JRB 2015; CSS 2017

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    We dropped our stuff in our room then went straight for food. By the time we got to Jamaica and took the bus to Negril we got to the resort mid afternoon and we starved! Immediately went to the beach afterwards.

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    I've only been to CN, but we head striaght to the beach bar for a Bob Marley, then to the room to make love, shower, and get ready for dinner. Then head back to the room and pass out. It's a long day for us, up at 4:30am to be at the airport, not able to sleep on the plane, have a few red stripes at the airport lounge.......

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    Lunch then bar, then beach. I have never been late enough to have our room ready. We pack our bathing suits in our carry-ons. have fun!

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    Depending on the time of day, usually a quick visit to the room and then straight to the nude beach! If it's evening, a quick clean up and off to the bar/dinner.

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    I am a soon to be first-timer (already hoping to be a future repeater and I am very curious to see peoples answers to this question. I too think I will drop my bags and head straight for a Bob Marley Shot!

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    Assuming our room is ready, which it has been every time but one.... we tend to get in the room, and kind of veg out for a bit from the travels. I'll set a few things out from the suitcases like our toiletry bags and kind of get our week organized on paper as far as reservations etc for a few minutes... then we usually lay down *hmmmm* for a bit before heading back out to get food/drink and relax at the beach... we just kind of ease into it slowly when we first arrive and get in the mood for a week of down time.

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    Depending on if the room is ready or not. If the room is ready, we unpack, put on the suits, pop open a Red Stripe from the room fridge, and hit the beach. Can't wait to get in the water, chest deep, turn, hold onto my wife, and just look at Swept Away, and go " finally, we're back!". If the room isn't ready, we change in the lobby restroom, hit one of the beach bars for a Red Stripe, and then follow with the above.

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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    We. Change into our bathing suits and head straight for the beach stopping at the bar and picking up a drink. We then plant our bodies on a beach chair and say "ahh it's great to be back home at CN".

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    After check in we go to our room to change, then head straight for the beach depending on the time of day we arrive . We may go to get a bite to eat or hang at the swim up bar. The great thing about vacation is there are no rules, no schedule. No worries mon!

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    The room isn't always ready, so we usually drop our stuff in the lobby and go get a bite and a drink while watching the already-relaxed vacationers. Once the room is ready, we unpack, check dinner time/location for later on and the we head to the beach.
    Socal and Sintown
    CN 6/2014
    CB 6/2013
    CTI 6/2012

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    If our room isn't ready... which it usually isn't when we arrive, we head out to the Beach Grill and grab a bite to eat and a have a cool Red Stripe. After that, we head back to the lobby and our room is usually ready by then. We head to the room and unpack and such first and then off to explore. It's usually late afternoon/early evening by then. Have dinner and then walk the beach in the dark.
    Linda & Nick
    CSA - Oct 2004 (for our wedding!!!)
    CN - March 2006, Nov 2013
    CSS - March 2013

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    Depends on several things. What time you arrive, weather conditions, is your room ready, how long have you been travelling? If our room is ready we will change clothes there and then head out for lunch at Seagrapes. We usually arrive mid-afternoon and are hungry as our travel day starts before sun up in the midwest. If our room is not ready we change into swim suits in the lobby restrooms and head out from there, checking back in later for our room assignment. One thing we now do as we check in is to make dinner reservations at Lemongrass and/or Feathers. We try not to make too many plans anymore for our time at CSA, we try to just do what hits us at the moment and keep things very relaxed. That is what we like most about CSA, we don't have to plan anything for the whole week!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    Make sure you are settled before doing your first Bob Marley shot!! They have a tendency to lead to very fuzzy times after drinking them lol. We usually drop our stuff in our room, if it is ready, and then head to the beach bar to grab a drink and float in the ocean. Remember to pack a bathing suit in your carry-on so it is easy to get to if your room is not ready. Welcome to Couples and enjoy!!!

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    We like to check out our room first. After that we like to go down to the bar and have a Bob Marley. (Just one). Next we like sit there and have a couple drinks and decide where and when we want to eat. Then we go back to our room to relax for a bit, maybe sit on the balcony/patio before freshining up and heading to find something to eat. Aaaaaa.....can't wait for this tradition again this December.
    Ronda and Doug
    COR Dec. 2007
    CTI Dec. 2009
    CSS Dec. 2008, Dec. 2012, Dec. 2014
    CN Dec. 2011, Dec. 2013

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    Lol, just about all of the above. We will at CTI 7/2/2013. I think after 12hrs of travel from AZ, we will shower, head to the bar and figure out where we want to eat. Or perhaps will head straight to the island. It's all about what feels good.

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    straight to the bar!!!

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    I go straight to the beach bar on the north end of the beach and have the special of the day. From there depends on the mood.

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    after check in we dropped our bags walked down to the swim up bar and had a bob marley shot, then went to the grill for lunch, and while waiting for the food we took it all in and then realized we were in paradise. then its just slow down and enjoy

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