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    Default Our 2013 CTI trip is now in the books...

    Late last night (early this morning? What do you consider 1AM?) we finally settled into our own bed at home. We had just completed a marathon 8 night stay (!!) at CTI, and what a week it was! We met new people (Hi Couples Message Board stalker couple!) tried new foods (Bayside and 8 Rivers) and finally had dirty bananas and a Bob Marley shot (and found out I and my wife don't know each other as well as we thought...)

    We didn't get to spend as much time on the Isle as I would have preferred, but still we had a good time.

    Pretty much every day was a yellow-flag day, but the Isle was open every day except the day we left (maintenance on the power and water lines to the Isle, plus I think I saw new lumber for the dock on the Isle) It rained at least once per-day we were there, and rather hard, but still. I'd like to give a shout-out to Collin (did I spell it right?) the divemaster, he gave us a great tour of the reef, and our housekeeper (whose name I never got) who kept our room spic-and-span.

    We had such a great couples massage in the spa, we went back a couple days later for a second with Sharon and Marie again! Bonus points as we also had Sharon for our instructor for the massage class!

    Now to start working on the wife to plan our next trip...

    Also, finally, one last shout-out to the front desk and guest services staff. We had booked this trip well before the 2013 rates were announced, and when the new rates came out, we requested those. The rates included a $300 resort credit. The problem was, I never got the confirmation of the resort credit, but did get the lower rates. The ladies at those two desks worked tirelessly and finally, just 10 minutes before the sad bus home, got it straightened out! Next time, I know to make sure I request the confirmation for the credit!

    Couples, thank you for providing such a lovely and relaxing spot for us to vacation in!
    Jason & Kathy

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    Thanks for the update. CTI is awsome! We were there in April and we just couldent stay away so we are going back in August! I cant wait!

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