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    Default This weekend!!!!

    We leave Sunday and hubby and I CANNOT wait!!!! We have never been out of the U.S. or even flown! So we are pretty excited!! Yayy!!! 4 days and a wake up and we will be married and shipped off to enjoy our honeymoon at CN! If anyone has any advice or anything I will be happy to hear! Also, with the restaurants that are more dress up code, can the guys wear jeans? It just says long pants.


    Megan & Ethan

    Marry- 6/8/13

    Arrival Date at CN- 6/9/13

    Departure Date- 6/13/13 (sadly)

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    Its wayyy too hot for jeans, its the tropics. Buy a pair of lightweight khakis

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    Jeans are not acceptable, they have to be dressier pants - khaki's or something along those lines, as well as closed toe shoes that are not gym shoes.

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding and enjoy CN! We went for our honeymoon last June and we are going back this year in July.

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