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    Default Heading to CSS in 2 weeks - 1st time - many questions

    My husband and I have never been to an all inclusive, so CSS will be our first ever! We want to make the most of our stay and do as many fun/adventurous things as possible. Looking for some feedback and info on the following activities:

    Snorkeling - when is the best time of day for this and is the snorkel tour a better option? Can you take underwater cameras for this activity?

    SCUBA - we have never done it, but I saw they offer a resort course. Do you get to do one dive after the resort course? Can you take underwater cameras for that if you are a newbie?

    What is online check-in and how do you do it?

    Anyone ever do zipline through the Chukka Adventure Tour company? Worth it?

    What type of dress is required if you attend the "Gala" on Friday evening?

    How does the in-room dining work? Is that an additional fee?

    We are beyond excited for this vacation and after reading through the message boards and reading all the amazing comments and experiences we are even more excited - if that's possible?!

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts!

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    Scuba. Yes, you take the course (about 90 - 120 minutes) and then go out for a dive. Back before lunch. Yes you can take a camera, but make sure it can handle the depth. Most waterproof cameras are only up to 6 to 10 feet, and you will be deeper then that.

    Online check in - this ia vailable if you are a Romance Reward member. If you haven't signed up, definately do. No cost, and will earn points for rewards if you decide to return. Link is at the bottom of the page. Once a member, you can do a pre-checkin from the same page where you specify what you want your mini bar stocked with, and any special requests you may have. (No gurantee you will get them)

    Gala dress code is mostly resort casual. Long pants and shirts with a collar for men.

    No fee for in-room dining. Just phone and order from the menu in your room.
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    snorkeling in generally best in the morning although in my opinion, css is not a great place to snorkel in general..lower expectations if you a a snorkeling afficianado.Did the ziplining/rivewr rafting tour..river part was nice , did 3's in the jungle, you might enjoy it.road up there is super narrow and scary though!

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