We are back from our third trip to CSA and have now spent 19 days in tropical paradise. Here's a fewobservations from last week's visit. Our other two were the last week in March 2012 & 2011.
1st - CSA brides are beautiful and their weddings bring a wonderful spirit to the beach and resort.
2nd - 12 days in March = 12 sunsets; 7 days last week = 0 sunsets. The afternoon clouds weren't unwelcome and kept us from getting too much sun - which was much more intense than in the past. The afternoon rain showers (3) were perfect for taking a nap, perfect.
3rd - Building 27 with Atrium Suites is the best - Atrium style room with great beach access, sounds and view. There's not enough time in the day to be in the hammock.
4th - The May/June crowd was definitely younger and at times we (ages 63 & 64) felt that we were chaperoning a sorority/fraternity outing which was not really a problem it just changed the "vibe" of the beach, entertainment venues and especially the cat cruise. Dresses are back which made the ladies resort appropriate, graceful and sophisticated but why they go out in public a with guy who seem to need the security of cargoes and a cheap undershirt - 'cuz they don't shop were Simon Cowell and Adam Levine do . It's a bad look anywhere but especially in Jamaica. The absolute worst look of all came on "Jamaica" night when some guy showed up in cam cargoes, a Bass pro Shop t-shirt and a Packers hat, wearing - I kid you not - work boots.
5th - There were lots of non-couples couples as in: The 12 of us are friends, school is out, we can pretend to be couples and then hang out, let's go to Jamaica because "There's a party and that's what we do". Really ? That's what you do ? We are old. Seriously, I think this is an area where the Couples brand is in jeopardy.
6th - The staff is still the best and a big part of why CSA is such a beautiful place. Service was a bit uneven at times but it was hot and humid, the resort was not full by any means which meant some energy was missing and as one staffer told me - March is the best month for flowers, guests and our energy.
7th - If you don't go sit with Daddy Coo and hear about Rasta life, natural medicines, the power of plants, Jamaican life and Bob Marley you will have missed out on a spiritual experience. Wise does not come close to describing this man.
8th - A couples aromatherapy massage followed by some time in the relaxation pool is heavenly - much more so than free alcohol in your mini-bar.
9th - Jimmy the "Bead Mastah" has a wonderful spirit, Raymond the t-shirt artist is kind and creative, and Nigel will show you how to make a beautiful basket and laugh at the same time. These three are the constant thread of our trips to CSA and I think of them often. They love their simple lives far more than our friends who seem to have so much more.
10th - Suddenly phones have appeared - staff with phones, drivers with phones and unfortunately male guests sitting at dinner with a beautiful woman in a perfect dress but not noticing because they are searching their messages and never looking up.
11th - first timers: the ride to and from the resort is as "thrilling" the 6th time as it was the first.
12th - We love this place.