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    First timers to CSA in December 2013. Would like to do the SPA and looked over the brochure. So many options. What do most people prefer to get? I am leaning towards the heated bamboo rods/stone therapy and probably a hot facial.

    Also, how do you pay for the Spa services? Is this billed to your room or do you pay them directly?


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    I am also curious about this! Heading to CSA in July. Thanks!!

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    All charges are put towards your room, and you settle up with cash or credit card when you check out, very easy.

    I prefer the hot stone massage, and I always get at least one facial while there, usually late in the afternoon so I'm still glowing for when we go out for supper!

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    If you would scroll back through the posts, you'll see this thread is already here... with many responses.

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    Bill to the room. Leave tip at the spa. I know they say no tipping but apparently they aren't part of the resort staff so it's ok.

    Massages are incredible. Manicures and pedicures aren't great but do feel good at the end of the week.

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    ALL of the spa services are the BEST! I have been to CN, CSA and CTI the past four years and at each resort received the best massages ever (no one at home can compare). Book your treatment of choice when you get there to assure your preferred time. I usually get a deep tissue or Swedish and we book as a couple. We also usually have at least three during our 8 day vacation. Can't wait until November!!

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    CSA is cashless, so everything is billed to your room. I do, however, give the tip in cash to the spa employee. I've had the bamboo massage. It was nice, but it is different to have a bamboo rod rubbed across your back and legs. Not bad, just different. I've had a couple of different facials, which are excellent and so relaxing. We also get the couples massage which is very nice. We especially like using the buddha pool before our treatment - so relaxing.

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    The services will be billed to your room, but you do need to tip in person. I tip a customary 20% of the service provided. Others tip differently. It is your choice.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Ok and thanks to all who provided their choices and answered my questions. That pool looks so inviting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzi View Post
    If you would scroll back through the posts, you'll see this thread is already here... with many responses.
    Yeah well I did a search on spa charges for different date ranges- some went back to 2009 and then did a month ago and got a variety of topics none relating to spa topic was "compulsive over-packing" in the spa search results.

    My apologies for asking a question that was answered here at some point in time.

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