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    Default Are Spring Breakers allowed at CTI?

    My wedding anniversary is March 4th right in the middle of most college's spring breaks. It is difficult to find a location that is not swarming with drunk, misbehaving college students for our anniversary. Has anyone stayed at CTI in early March? Do they allow college students during spring break?


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    If they are a couple, sure. The atmosphere isn't conducive to the hootin' and hollerin' "MTV" Spring break scene, though.

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    It's couples only and it's not cheap so I would doubt many spring breakers would show up. I believe you also have to be 21 to check in and/or make reservations so again that would severely limit the crowd. It's just not that kind of place. You might find some teachers/professors relaxing away from the kids!!
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    Where did you go then.Please share the information about the place.

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