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    Default For those visiting the new Barbados Couples soon!

    Please post your thoughts on (1) the resort and (2) the flights getting there. I feel sure the resort will be amazing but it will be nice to hear from those who have actually stayed there.

    The flights, however, may not be as great. I live in the U.S. and the flights that I pulled up when considering the Barbados Couples were horrible! They were both expensive and very time consuming. I am very curious to see if anything improves with the merger of American and U.S. Air. I sure hope so!

    I will be awaiting your responses! Hope you have a great time!!!!
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    Hi Dude,

    We arrive on June 15th from Houston, connecting through Miami. The connections aren't bad IF you don't mind leaving Houston at 6am. OptionB was leaving at 1pm but not getting Barbaos until almost 10pm. That's a day wasted. So, we leave at 6am and arrive in Barbados around 230pm. Still plenty of time to hit the beach.

    We'll be posting reviews here from Barbados!
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    I just booked for February 2014. (I know, I plan things WAY in advance!!) I ended up piecing together the trip---Flights from STL to MIA to BGI was an all day affair and arriving at 10:35pm. I'd rather be spending my time on the beach! I found a US Air out of Charlotte that gets me there a little quicker so I can enjoy the resort! Coming home I'm using American through Miami. It is a tight layover, so I hope the flight isn't late!!

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    I am planning a trip to CB in July, right after a medical trip to NYC. There is a JetBlue flight that leaves JFK at 8 am and arrives in Barbados at 1. Fare right now is under $250/one way. I live in NC and will fly back USAir nonstop to Charlotte. That flight isn't cheap but to be able to fly nonstop both ways is what sealed the deal.

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    I am flying AA out of JFK. I will be leaving this Sunday and will post a review when I return!

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