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  1. Default What is special about the Repeaters Dinner? CN

    Title pretty much says it all. I'm just curious what makes the Repeater Dinner special. I think the food is amazing at all the venues and couldn't complain. Since this is a "special" dinner, is something different added to the meal experience?

    When we were at CN, we went to the fancy dinner place - Otehite? While the food was good, the "fine dining" experience really isn't my style. Is the Repeaters Dinner anything like that?

    I've noticed several people commenting on it, and it seems popular. I'm just curious what the draw is.

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    The meal is fantastic. You also need to dress similar to the reservation resturant dress code. The main benefit in my opinion is getting to meet and talk with some of the management staff.

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    I think it is the company that makes the Repeater's dinner so special. You are in a room full of very happy people who love Couples resorts. We always make friends that night and enjoy seeing them around the place during our stay.

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    If its anything like csa, it is a four course fancy dinner. You get to dit with a member of the management staff and about 3 other couples at your table. Well worth going imo.

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    I think what we enjoyed the most was meeting other repeaters, and hearing about their experiences with Couples. Jen and I were at CN this past November 2012, and when at the Repeaters dinner we had a great time chatting with the other couples that had been to Couples before. No matter what, everyone at the dinner has that in common. You've been to Couples before, and you enjoyed it so much that you chose to go back and enjoy it again!

    It was really nice actually. They make you feel like you are part of a Club, because you've been to Couples before. Couples understands that repeat customers are a decent portion of their business, and the fact that you've chosen to return to their properties when there are so many other choices available to you is a pretty big deal for them. They make sure that you know that they appreciate their business, and this is just one of the many ways that they show their appreciation to you!

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    It will easily be the best meal of your stay. Ours have been outside on the pool deck between Otaheite and Heliconia. A staff manager from one of the various departments sits at your table with you. The first time we sat with the Grounds Manager, who is now the head of maintenance for the entire property. He is a total stud. Plus, I was a commercial landscape designer for 6 years, so it was extra special for me to learn about their grounds maintenance, herb gardening, etc. The second time we sat with the Assistant Manager in Housekeeping, and he was freakin hilarious. We were cracking up the whole time. Totally worth going.
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    I personally felt the food was even better at the repeaters dinner at CN in April. We were very fortunate to get lobster that night, delicious. Plus it is nice to meet the management staff and also sat with some really fun and interesting people. I would definitely suggest you give it a try.

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