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    Default Lost a day of our trip due to tornados :(

    So today is my wife's birthday and also supposed to be our first day in Negril for our honeymoon. Last night tornados came through and caused our flight to be canceled until tomorrow. We are so bummed that we are losing an entire day of our trip. Our travel agent is trying to work something out so that maybe we can stay an extra day. I'm sure it is packed and that isn't possible but we have our fingers crossed! I just pray we make it out tomorrow because it is killing me how depressed she has been all day. On her birthday of all days! Can't wait to be there tomorrow night!

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    Oh no! I hope you guys get an extra day - travel safe and have a great time.

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    We got delayed 3 years ago due to weather in Memphis. Got out the next day via first class seats Couples and delta extended our vacation by one day It should not be packed this time of year

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    Oh noooooo. I'm sorry! Glad ya'll are safe though. We woke up to tornado sirens a few nights ago and didn't find out until today that there actually was a tornado that touched down a few miles away. So scary!

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