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    Default First Timer Airline and Room Purchase ?

    My hubby and I will be traveling to Couples Negril next April. I'm wondering if I should purchase the rooms today to get the $300 resort credit or should I wait to see if new deals show up in the next couple of months? (We will be booking 7 nights).
    I was looking at prices for flights today at American Airlines and I'm not sure if I should buy the tickets by the end of this month or wait until sometime around October? I've never flown American Airlines so I'm not sure how frequently their prices go up....

    Any help/advice is Greatly Appreciated!


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    My SO and I are booked and paid for July of 2014. (I plan on using the resort credit for a couples massage!) I don't imagine room prices dropping...and we weren't completely flexible on our dates so we had to secure our stay at CSS. It's my understanding that it's best to wait on the flights however. I've read that airlines won't start "managing" their flights until 3 months prior. So I have a note in my calendar to start looking in March for flights for our trip in July.
    Brian & Julie

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    go for the 300 resort credit. If you are repeaters that will be added to your total credits

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    Yes, book now. They have rate guarantee, so if rate goes down you can call or email and re-book your vacation. We have done this several times, and never had issue with it.

    As far as airline, it is up to you. I never book air until 1 - 3 months prior. For example our trip in April this year we book air in February. Throughout year I check prices and document them, they rarely change dramatically. Since we usually book non refundable fares, I'd just rather hold onto the money instead of the airline holding it. You can also use sites like Kayak to send you reports on current fares, as well as see trends of cost.

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