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    Default Hurricane season

    Getting nervous. We leave to go to CTI in one week. I saw on the weather channel there is possibly a storm brewing. They are keeping an eye on it for now. Praying it doesn't form into anything and we have perfect weather.

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    The storm isn't coming near Jamaica

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    I wouldn't worry. The potential storm they're looking at is nowhere hear Jamaica. Go, have a great time, enjoy. Meanwhile, I'll keep my fingers crossed for my July trip!

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    Us too (6/7-11)

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    I hope you have beautiful sunny days for your trip, I too have been paying attention to the forecasts, just curious what happens of by chance the resort is hit with a storm during your trip? What happens to wedding plans? Hoping for the best but want to know what happens when the worst weather hits.

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    If you choose to go anywhere in the tropics during hurricane season, you can expect at least a LOT of rain (we live with this in South Florida). The resorts do a great job prepping for an oncoming storm, but it's not too comforting being on an island! We were at CSA for Sandy last October; luckily it didn't hit the Negril side of the island as bad as the Ocho Rios side. We've decided after 2 stormy Octobers, we're moving our 2nd annual trip to with April and December going forward, we avoid the season. The good news is that with hurricanes, you know they're coming (unlike tornadoes). The bad news is that most airports close with winds exceeding 40mph (ours in FL do this) Good luck!

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    We were in Jamaica 5 years ago when hurricane Pulambo (sp?) went to the north of the island and hit Cuba. The only weather we had from it was a day of fairly heavy rain and some of the roughest surf the locals had seen in decades. It made for some seriously cool pictures and we spent the day under the veranda playing cards and hanging out with new friends. If a storm does happen to hit or get close I'm sure things would be different, otherwise take it in stride and remember "you're on vacation"!

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    While it is true that hurricane season officially kicks of on June 1st, it would be unusual for a storm of any great magnitude to strike this early in the season. We have been traveling to Jamaica in mid June for 8 years and have always had great weather. Late August, September and October are the months when you must keep an eye on the weather coming across the Atlantic that brings the hurricanes. This recent storm originated in the southern Gulf and traveled northward. No threat to Jamaica at all.

    Stop worrying and go have fun.
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    I have been watching weather and it looks like Jamaica is good. However, we are from California and our flight goes to Miami and then Jamaica. Miami is being hit hard and flights are being delayed. Doesnt look like its going to get better any time soon. Going to pray pray pray. We have waited a long time for this trip.

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