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    Default Lobster question

    Will Lobster be in season by late June? We are considering a visit to the Office of Nature.

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    July through march is what we were told.

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    We are wondering the same thing. We are at CN from 6/28-7/5 and was hoping to get to try lobster this time around. Last time we went it was out of season!

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    Not until after June 30.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vickyj View Post
    Not until after June 30.
    Generally true, 1 April to 30 June the season is closed. You "MAY" be able to get already caught lobsters up until 21 April. After that, its illegal. The season can be changed based on the health of the fishery so consider 1 April to 30 June a guild line. Check here to be sure.

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    Just to reiterate what others have said. Lobster is in-season (for trapping) from July 1st-March 31st. It is out-of-season from April 1st-June 30th, but technically can still be served until April 21st.

    According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries:

    "Spiny lobsters in storage between April 1 and 21, which have been declared to the licensing authority may be sold, exported or processed within this 21-day period. However, after April 21, it will be illegal for anyone to have any species of spiny lobsters/spiny lobster parts or products in their possession. It will not matter whether the lobster is fresh, frozen or otherwise. Persons found in breach will be liable for prosecution."
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    Some may be tempted to get out of season lobster. Just please consider, it is a poor country, and if you ask someone you will probably get it, because many locals need the money. But, you are putting them in legal danger.

    There is so much wonderful fresh local fish in Negril, ask yourself if putting a Jamaican in danger is worth it. Many don't even like the lobster in Jamaica, as it is different from others such as Maine lobster.

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    So considering we are there for the very start of Lobster season (June 28- July 5), are there chances at all that I could possibly try the lobster this time around? Maybe at the Office of Nature?

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