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    Default Spa and trading places (CSA-CN)

    Hi ya'll...

    I'm getting really excited about our trip and was doing my research on the spas. When we went to CSS I think the highlight of our trip was getting that couples massage on the hut on the cliff... Mmmm, heaven.

    I was wondering if CSA has anything comparable? Obviously it doesn't have cliffside huts but maybe a massage on the beach itself or something? Or are all their massages held in the massage complex?

    I was also wondering if its possible to use CNs spa while on a trading places visit. I've heard about the treehouse and think it would be awesome to get a massage there! I'm thinking the problem with this might be that they charge spa services directly to your room number- but could one pay with cash? Anyone know? Other than massage, what is there to do on a trading places trip from CSA to CN?

    Last question is about reservations. I know last time at CSS we reserved our spa treatments ahead of time online but I can't for the life of me remember how we did so. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

    Thank you for answering all my random questions! I'm sure I'll have more as the trip gets closer and closer.

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