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    Default Reservation Deposit Cancellation Reimbursement

    I had placed a $400 deposit back in January for reservations in July and recently had to cancel due to work. When i requested a cancellation the Representative told me that because it was longer than 3 months they will have to issue me a check in 6-8 weeks. I have never heard of this but was wondering if anyone has had to deal with this type of situation.


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    When we cancelled and re-booked one of our trips we also received a cheque but it came before the 6-8 week timeframe so no worries.

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    why not just reschedule?
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    We had to cancel our December 2013 trip that we booked in March of 2012 due to health reasons. We had done the lay away plan, so we had been paying 100/month since we booked. The last 4 months had been put back on our credit card, and they sent us a check for the rest. It came in the 6-8 week time frame.

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    Yes we have cancelled and rebooked several times and this is standard.

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