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    Hi all ! We visited Couples Negril during the week of Sept.3-10 we were the couple(s)with the Gnome (remember us) ? We just want to let everyone know what a great vacation everyone at the resort made possible for us. The resort, people and service were all fantastic ! We hope to return soon, check out The Gnoman1 site on You Tube !

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    Gnoman1, I saw your you tube post, it was great , brought back memories of out trip. It was obvious you had a good time...

    I really like the music on the slide show. can you tell me the song and artist..


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    Gnoman, saw the video the day you put them up. They were fun to watch. My friends are on the main video at like 4:30 and 8:40. They are pictured in the pool and right after they got married. I did see the gnome going around the resort. Excellent idea.

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    Default No AN Gnome?

    I was surprised there were no pix of a naked gnome in the AN area. Of course, cameras would be inappropriate there.

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