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    Out of all the pics I see of the pool at CN it seems to be a bit empty. Do couples hang out at the pool to meet and party all day or what?

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    It's a huge pool and people are all around it most days so no worries.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    The majority of the time pictures are taken of the serene setting of a calm pool but trust us it is never empty!

    Well maybe after dark it's empty.


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    We were just at CN in July and the pool is definately the place to be during the day. We are beach people, so we were on the beach most of the day. We would go hang out by the pool bar for about an hour during the day, then for a couple of hours before we went back to our room. The pool and pool bar were always crowded (but not too crowded that it was annoying) and we met several couples in the pool. We have several pic's that we took of the pool and its empty in all of them because we went out early one morning and took most of our pic's. I wouldn't worry about it. We loved CN. Hope this helps!
    Kerri & Dean
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    During the week I was there the pool was lucky to have 10 people in it at a time. The pool bar area was different. It was pretty full but not crowded full. I wuold say the whole resort was relaxing and not overcrowded. I thought we would see more people then what we did. You don't really notice how many people are around until dinner time and see the number of people at the restaurants. We never had to wait for a table anytime.

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    Yes they do!

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    You will meet PLENTY of folks at CN - VERY friendly place - No Worries.... CN is Paradise !!!!! You'll meet them at the the the the beach...... It's All Good!!!
    We have met some of our VERY BEST FRIENDS at CN!!!!!
    Art xo Francine

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    Yes, there are always people in the pool at CN and in the hot tubs. The pool bar is a very good meet and greet area, people on floaties at the waterfall talking. Pool volleyball going on. It is a great place to meet people.


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    Sorry, was so excited abut the RAVENS and colt game, I forgot to tell you to go to the meet up at couples. You will find just about every month for meet up on the section of this site. Have a wonderful vacation

    GO RAVENS 2-0

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    Dont worry Go Colts,

    there was always people around to socialize, nothing wild, never crowded, but we were always able to find a good time...

    line up a few Ziggy Marley's, bait a few unsuspecting people to try one with you and your SO (they will ask what you just drank) and you wont be drinking alone for long, soon you be jammin....

    have fun CN's fantastic.


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    Thanks we dont feel alone now HAHAHA and well see in week 11 Happytimes42 who will be victorious GO COLTS. We are so excited about the swim up bar our other resort in mexico did not have one so this will be new to us THANKS.

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