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    Default Confusing info about repeat guest dinner - CN?

    I think I read on the CN website that the Repeat Guest Dinner is at 7:30 on Monday night (with cocktails at 7PM) and the venue is Otahiete Restaurant. Is that still correct? I have seen comments about it being moved to Lychee. Lychee is listed as closed on Monday night so I guess it would be a reasonable place to have the Repeat Guest Dinner. Otahiete is listed as open on Monday nights from 6:15 - 8:45 PM. So if it is indeed at Otahiete does that mean that there are non-repeat guests having dinner there while the Repeater Cocktail Party and Dinner are going on around them?
    Thanks for any clarification!
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    We just returned from CN and attended the repeaters dinner while there. It is on Monday night at the Lychee and I think you are correct about the time being 7:30. There is also the cocktails for the repeaters at the piano bar at 7:00 and during that time the staff attending mingles with all the guests.

    The meal was great and I strongly recommend going.

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    The Repeater's Cocktail Party is held in the Piano Lounge. The Repeater's Dinner is held outside around the pool if the weather is nice and inside the Lychee if the weather is not nice. The dinner used to be held in the Otathete, but has become too large to fit in there now.
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    The repeater dinner was moved to Lychee ~ Jan 2011 and Otaheite is now open for guests with reservations on Monday. More detail here:

    The confusing (and incorrect) information that rhallva notes is under the section:
    on this page : Couples Negril Restaurants & Bars | Jamaican Restaurants & Cuisine
    "... Monday Repeat Guest Dinner Night: 7:00pm cocktails and 7:30pm dinner at Otaheite. An invitation will be delivered to your room. ..."

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    The repeater dinner was moved to Lychee a couple years back. It's no longer at Otaheite. The last two we were at were held outdoor on the patio, though. It depends on how many repeaters there are and what the weather is like.
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    When I was at CN last September the Repeat Guest Dinner was at Lychee, which was closed to the other guests that night. I don't remember which night it was held, though.

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    Thanks all!

    CN next week!

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