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    Default Feathers at CSA - Fried Artichoke Bottom

    I have been reading the menus for months and am wondering if the fried artichoke bottom is still on the menu at Feathers. I don't know why I am dying to have it, but I thought I should stop thinking about it if its not on the menu......

    19 days.....the bf still doesn't know.......

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    We had dinner at Feathers on our wedding night 4/20/13. I don't recall seeing it on the menu.

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    Now you made me want that! Sounds soooo good. Let us know if it is still there, you'll be there a month before us!

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    That is a sample menu and has been around for a while. I know it has not been on the menu when I was there because I specifically looked for it!
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    it wasn't on the menu when we were there a few weeks ago, but i agree that it sounds good.

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    How are you guys seeing a menu??? Are you on the Couples sight?

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