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    Default Been to Csa 2x where should we go this December?!

    Hi everyone! My husband and I have been to Jamaica 3 times, CSA twice. Where do you recommend we go this December?
    Pretty much, if you could go to any of the resorts in Jamaica, which would you choose??


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    Did CSA six times; really love the beach. Tried CN last year and have found a new love. Beach is wonderful, but atmosphere is more intimate and it is so easy to get to everything with a very short walk. You are right, you cannot go wrong with any Couples resort. We tried CTI and it just was not for us, but is lovely. Be aware that both CSS and CTI will be a longer van ride from the airport.

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    We're going back to CN for trip #7 in December .... It's the only resort in Jamaica that we want to go to so I'd say that's where you should go.

    We'd been to 2 other Jamaican resorts (one of them more than once) when we found CSA ... The next year we went to CN (fell in LOVE) & returned there 2 more times before trying CSS (we did the SR & that's where we ended up) .... We missed CN so bad after that so we've just kept returning to CN ..... It's THE BEST!!!!! (We think so anyway.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smiley854 View Post
    Hi everyone! My husband and I have been to Jamaica 3 times, CSA twice. Where do you recommend we go this December?
    Pretty much, if you could go to any of the resorts in Jamaica, which would you choose??

    We have been to CSA twice and CN once as well as Jamiaca's Iberostar, Riu Tropical Palace and Rio in Ochi. We LOVE Jamaica but are now Couples repeaters!! Have you checked out Couples Barbados? We are booked for December. Sticking with Couples but figure with the great prices for Barbados, we are going to check it out but I am sure we will miss Jamaica but will definately be back.
    12/2010 CN
    04/2011 CSA
    02/2012 CSA
    12/2013 CB
    12/2014 CSA

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    CSA again LOL

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    We've been to CSA, CN and CSS. We got married at CSA back in 2004. it was awesome but I know there have been a lot of changes since then. We plan on going the end of next year to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We went to CN back in 2006. We are returning to CN this November. We were only there for 3 days the first time so we want to go for an entire week. From what I remember, we really like it as well. We went to CSS this past March for the first time. We loved it.

    I'd suggest trying the Ocho side. Our next trip to CSS, we will do the Trading Places Day and see CTI but we don't think it's our cup of tea to stay for an entire week, but we want to at least check it out and see.

    They are all so different in their own special and unique ways. Go with your gut. Even if that means going back to CSA!
    Linda & Nick
    CSA - Oct 2004 (for our wedding!!!)
    CN - March 2006, Nov 2013
    CSS - March 2013

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    Have been to CSA several times and CN only once in 2011. Booked CN for this December

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    We've only ever stayed at CN (trading places day trip to CSA - loved the sports facility...but not enough to leave CN). Trip 6 scheduled for April 2014.

    Obviously I recommend CN. Wherever you go, please make sure to share your feedback. Though I can't imagine straying from CN, I do look forward to Randymon and team swaying us to venture out due to a fabulous Secret Rendezvous deal.

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    Everyone has their favorite. We feel in love with Couples Tower Isle(when we started, it was couples Ocho Rios). We have ventured over to the Negril side but always come back to Tower Isle. The staff makes this gorgeous resort the top, in my book!! Try it!

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    Thanks for all the great advice everyone! I'm leaning toward CN. I love the beach in Negril, it would be hard for me to go to Ocho. The rooms at CN look a little more upscale than CSA. Not that their rooms are bad! lol
    December can't get here fast enough!

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    Beaches at CSA and CN are much larger that CTI or CSS.

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    If you love the beach at CSA you will be disappointed if you go to Ocho Rios. We have been to CSA twice and LOVED it and last year we tried CTI for something different. We really liked the resort but its just not the same. The beach in Ocho Rios is really small and water is very choppy. The coast on that side of the island is very hilly and the resort is built into the hill so a lot more steps and a the rooms are more of a traditional hotel set up with long hallways with rooms on either side. It just didn't have that relaxed tropical beach feel. CSA and CN are more spread out. We are going to try Couples Barbados this November. They have some great deals on Barbados right now, which really influenced our decision, plus we would like to try a different island. One thing though, we have been to other all inclusive resort chains and nothing compares to Couples. Have a great trip whatever you decide!!

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    Here's how we rank the Resorts in order: CTI, CSA, CSS, CN. You have to try them all to know what you really love.

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    Been to CN 3 times and CSA 2 times and have 2 more trips reserved for CSA. CSA all the way! Our favorite!

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    Couples is the place to be in Jamaica! We are heading back to CN this August for the 4th time. Also have done CSA and CTI. CTI is probably my favorite with CSA being our 3rd favorite.

    We just returned from St. Lucia/Rendezvous...I can honestly say that they give Couples a run for their money.....BUT you PAY for it.

    Looking into booking Cozumel for April 2014 and CTI for August 2014.

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    CSA for us again & again & again....especially at Chirstmas !

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